Tycuna Tradeshow Booth Design


Why I should hire a stand builder?
A professional stand builder knows the importance of a good exhibition stand. They embody your brand personality and highlight your key marketing message. An expertly designed booth can help you attract a maximum number of visitors and boost brand recall value as well.
Who will manage my booth design project?
Once you have decided to hire us for designing and building your exhibit stand, we will assign a dedicated project manager who will make sure that your stand is delivered on time and costs fall within your budget.
Where are you locate or based?
Our main office is located in Atlanta, GA, USA. We build exhibit stands in Continental USA and Canada.
What is Drayage or Material Handling?
Drayage is probably the most expensive word a new exhibitor has never heard. Drayage fees pay to move your crates and shipping boxes from the loading dock to your booth space at the exhibit hall, remove the empty crates before the show, store them during the show, return them after the show and move your repacked goods back to the loading dock after the show. Cost for drayage is based on weight in CWT (hundred pounds). This rate is different for every show and can be found in the exhibitors handbook.